Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Lock On: Modern Air Combat 1.0

Lock On is one of the best air combat simulations in the market today
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Lock On: Modern Air Combat (LOMAC for short) is a modern combat flight simulator. Developed by the Russian company Eagle Dynamics, LOMAC has gained a large fan base due to the features of this game. The game's focus is on realism, rather than arcade game play, however the realism is not as hardcore as in the Falcon series. There is special focus on flight physics and detailed modeling. The game focuses in combat superiority aircraft, although there are also air support aircraft included. There are over 48 aircrafts in the game, of which the player can control 8 of them: Su-27, Su-25, 3 types of MIG-29, F15C and the A-10 Warthog. The game arena is a huge terrain modeled after the Black Sea region, with hundreds of buildings, towns, bridges, airfields, naval bases, forests and more. The missions inside the game are entertaining and you really keep focus on the campaign objective, its not just going through the next mission, is helping the campaign. The multiplayer option of this game is very good, giving you the ability to blow your friends out of the sky. With a handy mission editor included, its hard not to see why there are so many user-created missions out there. If you are a beginner or a veteran in combat flight simulators, this is the one you should get.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great air combat simulation


  • Small bug and graphical glitches
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